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larynxes do lu)! always act exaetly alike while prodiiciut,^
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the digested aliment, which is driven forwards by the muscular
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sisting of large, hard balls, expelled with difficulty, often Assuring
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resulting from wounds in venesection. I have pursued this course with success ;
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connexion with an early tuberculous infection, or in succession to one ;
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importance of a prompt and full report of the proceedings
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thyreoid elixir, by the same ; and thyreoid extract, made
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One important anatomic peculiarity of the urethra has,
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The fact that the skeleton is fixed gives expression
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rarely find it necessary to bleed. We give first a dose of
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"Big lyeg" or Elephantiasis. Quite often some of the lymphatic
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105° F. ; in five between 99° and 102° F. ; in two there
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shows which antigen is capable of giving fixation with the least
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while the other eye remains fixed upon one object, observ-
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the fixed points. This is held by the ordinary corset
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struggles of a half-anresthetized patient, or being obliged
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was some hypertrophy of the glutei. Brissaud's sign of apparent
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Neale was inclined to doubt, the impression should be
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recentlv established class of public functionaries, but Dr. Dyer pointed out
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some extent and left till pains set in; if this does not happen another
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the fluid withdrawn by lumbar puncture (p. 1061) is important. A diiferential
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in water, or diluted tincture of iodine, brushed over, when they assume
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perience is opposed to the assumjition of Leube, who
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that escai)os digestion, the stools are very large, and usually mushy.
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Saramation of the skin ; the cuticle becomes of a brown colour,
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previously prevailed ; a great degree of acidity was produced in the sto-
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nature, not contagious, and had a tendency to pruritus. They
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displacement of the lower fragment of the tibia was the usual one