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With the increase of its votaries, new fields of investigation

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In the majority of cases a single abscess only is formed, but in some

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to the conclusion that, with such energetic states as sentinels,

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hospital. An abscess formed and burst, < eleven months before his admission he re-

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due to the counter E. M. F., but to the fact that a mini-

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feature of which is the frequency with which paracentesis was performed, at short

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usually seen about the end of the first week. Pain in

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In discussing cases of emboli, for example, we are only

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burg Barracks, N. Y. S. 0. 113, Division of the At-

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the uterus afterwards becomes perfectly normal. Hysterec-

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ceded to facilitate the discrimination of different species. The

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Two Americans, Abbott and Bergey, were the first to discover

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against applications of the kind in this country. At the time that cold

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consistence ; but upon section of the right hemisphere, a large

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performed, the spring speculum being used. The little

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drew off half a pint of bloody urine ; she remained comatose for half an hour, and died

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for discussion and is an extremely valuable field for

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have the advantage of being concentrated, easily applied, and of

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and relished. Urine free and good color ; clamp removed, and pedicle

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plies, broader than the long tape worm. The roundworm, thread

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circulation is interfered with, the glands enlarge, and the neighbouring

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with the circumstances connected with it, which led me to

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cause of the nervous irritation. But if it is proved that

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Case V. — This was the case of a girl sixteen years, who would

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plaint attended with fever.— Near the full of the.

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or w^hen the abscess is complicated with sinus phlebitis.