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Alavert Rxlist

Three Cases of " Bilateral Athetosis.'' By James Collier, M.D. ... ... 60
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ten years ; pessaries little good. Perineum repaired ; left ovary cystic, removed ; hysteropexy.
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lucent core ; scattered amongst these were balls of flakes of the same
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excepting, possiblv, after a prolonged course of treatment.
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and such a removal of the blood cells from dormancy
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alcoholism in their youth as well as the descendants of drunkards, are
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said, with equal truth, of cystotomy. He thinks it of so much
be obtained by making use of the Allen surgical pump, of
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matic or gouty form. The existence of a typhoid pneumonia is pretty
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ductive of the most obscure general manifestations. Young men are
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Bright's, phthisis, organic heart disease, chronic alcoholism, cirrhosis of the
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diet, etc., will not be likely to reproduce an attack.
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upon his refusal, and if he answer untruly, he shall gain no benefit from!
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After a preliminary training at the Glasgow High School he
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of temper, fits which scarcely annoy those who know him and
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cultures are sterile. Otherwise some organism is found in practically
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of both instruments is not confined to cataract extrac-
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a vessel of tin or glass (Fig. 1 2) , to the lower outlet of which is
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would do more to mould the professional mind for good,
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dinary language, the term pain in labor is used as synonymous with
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years; deficiency of turf, owing to the continuance of wet
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first demonstrated this connection, designated it as the auricular por-
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he could dilate and empty the uterus. The patient begged him to
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In this case the disease was situated almost exactly in
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existing associations which have for their object investiga*
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*Dt. Andrews, In Chicago Medical Jonmal and Bzamlner, Aug., 1880.
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The opportunity was one to which I had been looking forward for many years.
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im])erce|)tible and of inconstant occurrence. It hari gradually
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work. It is suggested that such a reaction by the lungs would be
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scarlet fever, and in another a non-specific producing merely the ton-
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their habits, surely over half will be rescued by meas-
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as silver nitrate, tincture of iodin, balsam of peru, pyoc-
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by the police; he had fallen, causing a slight wound of the
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the child in extreme agony, panting for breath. The well-
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flaxseed poultices to the throat ; a teaspoon- ? all a shade better ; the emphysema rather
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after Benda's sulphalizarate-toluidin blue method. This phase of the neu-
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by generahsing too hastily, arrive at the false conclusion that this doc-
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these maladies is accompanied by inflammation of mucous membranes
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take which nearly always proves fatal. If, however, the lumbar