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tions, for the most part, are copies made by himself from pre-

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test is an experimentum crucisy and puts an end to the objections of

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John Swinburne in the Medical and Surgical Reporter for December

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Of 16 globulin tests only 6 were positive. Of 7 Wassermann tests

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as the combined bores of the two limbs. "While concentra-

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experience furnished by the Prussian army. It appears that

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a course along the inner side of the descending colon. In all

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jiroeess of deconi2-)osition takes phice in fever if treated with

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sixth of the amount escapes as sugar m the urine, the remainder being either

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progress of the disease, or in cases in which the tuberculosis is

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range of fluctuation appears to be generally as much as 1° C, or even a little

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amputated above the wrist. The patient suffered from severe shock —

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infected or diseased when taken. The subsequent salting inhibits the

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Auriculas citharae coUecta sorde dolentes. — Lib. I, Epis. 2, 51.

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ized processes composed of a pale, translucent, and almost gelatinous

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ford ; " On Elongation of the Ligamentum Patella? as a

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of hysteric dermatoneuroses will find in my paper a large

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tions, but the general spirit of ostracism and aloofness

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Now follows the therapeutic sequel. The relative's illness at

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was no fatal case in 449 vaginal hysterectomies. He

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and the A.M.A. go on record as supporting, and actively

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of the latter and a comparison with the plain logarithmic curve shows

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case of complete block following flutter, in which there is an iso-electric

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when he commenced this treatment; but the progress of the irido-choroiditis

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lesion present. There is no evidence that the gonococcus or its toxin

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proceedings of that meeting, which was accepted and ordered to be

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what arsenic is capable of accomplishing in skin affections. As a con-

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