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Since that time the weakness and wasting have steadily progressed.

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as thought, judgment, comparison, etc., while the cere-

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In a case of average severity the symptoms abate in from

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diagnosis in fourteen cases. At first we did not request a

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I thought that this unusual case, in which a foreign body had been

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that, though he had no specific notes to refer to, he distinctly

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soft chancre may be found in any part of the body, principally upon the

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sifting by the light of clinical experience ; finally, the

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the term." Dr. Leonard Charles Wooldridge, also of the staff',

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d'H Mft!U i State for two or three hours or two or three dli y* ('Annates

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of sugar in cases requiring increased muscular effort, and relates

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of needles, wire, horsehair, etc., aims to produce coag-

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to show a healthy state of the uterine cavity. 3. The os and cervix uteri

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of the right or left innominate vein is more common. This hinderance to

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As the child approaches adult age we note a striking lack of sexual development

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by any but professional committees in touch with practitioners

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severely. Her child was twice inoculated with Small-pox matter,

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evacuation, by the apposition of the sides of the wound in the integuments, so

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ical finding's of various observers, notably Casper and Richter,

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sections which meet the needs of their practice and

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recovery. The growths were removed in the usual man-

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quently the use of a general tonic treatment is indicated,

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They have generally been presented in the general meet-

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its possibility from exposure. Every person, no matter at

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of some eircumorbital pain — prescribed R. Mass. pil. hydrarg. gr. xviii; pulv.

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The larva, commonly known and described as the tri-

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are settled by the fact that mania has followed operations where no

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venous injection; fluctuating amounts were present in the cerebro-

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sailing vessels is five to one as compared with steam-

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Edinburgh, as identified with this subject. The former is still

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Pillets in various forms of heart disease, in alcoholism, excessive tobacco, more espe-

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delved among the records of the past, others sought to bind

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appropriate sufficient aliment. The beef -juice or other animal broths

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powers of the Local Authority are as has been stated, and if

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because it is so frequently collected and stored in such a careless

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complete necrosis in the centre, ■^'ith fibrin and hemorrhage in the

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