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medium used for cholera red tests must contain an adequate

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cent glycerin) and allow it to stand overnight Examine

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agent (a (2) ) above. Add 0.5 to 1.0 ml of the reagent

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or to a corresponding point behind, or it may be lower down. It is

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temperature of 104° or 105° F. Unusually high temperatures occasionally

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occasionally be observed. Erythematous eruptions, more or less severe,

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Sometimes a millet-seed rash of tiny vesicles is observed. These

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(10) In practice the hemolysin titration may be placed in

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complacency to the number preceding, in which the delightful

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palpitation. This in no way actually interfered with her routine

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the lower cutis margin onwards, are almost all of equal calibre. The fact

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60®) is another species of medical importance. It, too, helps to

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the exudation is less fibrinous, and therefore less tenacious. Leucocytes

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system deserves the greatest care and attention of the surgeon, so

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or function. In any appeal to evolution, the thread is often lost and

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the more fastidious strains of the gonococcus, as well

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pleurisies, pericarditis,- and the like." Again, in such cases, "you

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tions of the skin ; but here their points of resemblance cease, and we meet

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in such nux vomica is very frequently one of the most satisfac-

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abnormal epithelial activity. The columnar cells of mucous membranes normally

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hydrogen sulfide, indicated by blackening in the medium.

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into the soft tissue of her thigh. The patient felt better right

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N.catarrhalis, fails to ferment carbohydrates. Table XXIX gives

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hemagglutinating titer of 1 :160 or greater for a number

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orthopnea, and marked cyanosis. The heart was greatly en-

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the more expectative, was entirely undetermined up to Hahne-

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regions of the organ which contract so uniformly as to throw off

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with eighty-four deaths, no less than thirty-three deaths were

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the wards of the hospital for three weeks. Since then he has

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others of sick-headache ; notably in one, that of a girl of thirteen,

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the eruption can be made out distributed in greater or less pro-

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6. Semisolid Fermentation-Medium Base. A medium such as

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ture media are adjusted to pH 7.2 to 7.6) and place it

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Dissolve by boiling. Restore the volume by adding dis-

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voted to showing in a concise, tabulated form the conditions

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gauge, 0.1 ml of the suspension is injected into the

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isolated by Arvello. It contains the active principles of the drug.

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the occasional assistance of a mild cathartic. On physical

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An acute inflammation, in the language of the surgeon or physician, is fre-

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been relieved without purgatives ; and a well-known hospital

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(e) Septate hyphae from which lateral branches terminate

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Bronchial Asthma, Arch, of Internal Med., 1916, xviii, 445.

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ment that come under our care is due to enlarged wombs from

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solution of formalin in water, to which a few drops of eosin