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brane of the respiratory passages of a number of persons — again with
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EpUeptoid attacks, occurring in persons who have never had epileptic
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Columbia, to enable him to investigate the working of the Pro-
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awakes exhausted and desponding. Generally a second attack sets in the
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kidneys. The lungs were congested and slightly cedematous and con-
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— is environed by so many inherent difficulties — that it cannot be brought
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p. 815); and a comparison can be instituted only between the period of
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a living child, or to let pregnancy go to term and resort
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over this rancid wool dipped in vinegar, bound on it : on the third day the
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causing ascites, or fistulous openings between the gall-bladder and the hollow
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Before inserting the instrument the bladder should be thoroughly washed as
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In 1911 there were 234 recorded incident attacks of pellagra with
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latter as a reserve from which it maj be drawn for the formation of blood.
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this way. There are, moreover, some clinical observar
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.\ Dangerous Project. — A St. Louis physician pro-
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denied by Dr. Todd, ^is, perhaps, of all the classifications of
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concocted by Nut and Isis. One special one is given by the latter,
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or vaso motor system, and by nervous dyspepsia which it produces.
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weighed 4£ drachms ; the whole of the contents of the stomach, there-
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the E.-M.-F. Motor Company, of Walkerville, as a branch of the
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ing annual meeting, the notices for which shall contain an announcement
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vided the nerve is accessible to examination throughout a considerable
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Antiquarian Society, observing that he thought they belonged to a very remote
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reported, many of which were cured. I have no doubt
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could feigu each one fairly well for a few minutes, it
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When the portion of the nerve that winds round the humerus is injured,
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lates, and when the artery contracts upon it, pushing it along into its
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the following as important points to be kept in view in
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of demarcation between the dead and living parts is distinct and well marked.
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Dispensary, Sept. 16, 1915, complaining of indigestion and skin trouble lasting
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the normal state of the pulse? Dr. Fayrer, in India, has made some inte-
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of the pavilions devoted to the care of incurables and chronic
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puscles of animals affected with the disease are found homogeneous
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Marchiafava and Celli * regarding the alterations of the red cells in
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now make hermetically sealed glass jars (vacuum) with glass covers
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spinal injuries is naturally unpromising. The damage to
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atropia given. Dr. C. F. Tumey arrived at 5.30 p.m., and
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individuals. No Surgeon can positively determine whether
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the urine be a routine practice in all cases of enteric fever ? and
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writers agree, who devote any space to its considera-