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Hering's Theory of C.-s predicates generic disassimilation and assimilation (decomposition white, red, and yellow representing the sensation of disassimilation, black, green, and blue that of restitution. Officinal viper's grass, Viper's grass, "altace" Goat's grass.

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They usually prefer carbohydrate food, often having an aversion to animal fond (cheap). To repeat: up to the age of four or six months the child is to be fed entirely hy its mother's milk; it should be put to the breast at regular intervals of about three hours at first, nothing, neither the child's sleep nor the mother's, being allowed to interfere with this arrangement, ivhich is carried out by night as well as by day; after ten days or a fortnight, the child being healthy and vigorous, the day, and lengthened to four hours during the night (10). Thus, though the impression has been quite sufficient so to stimulate a nerve-centre in the cord as to produce a marked reflex act, the man has been unaware of effects the pinch; he has had no sensation, A sensation, then, cannot be produced unless the influence has been transmitted to a higher centre in the brain, and has there excited a change of which the individual becomes aware.