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date and before the general toxemia has developed far. In tetanus, on the

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5. Removal of foreign body, clothing, and detached bone fragments. If the

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rol. Give from 10 to 30 drops in Bristol water 2 or 3 times

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sion, until the period of credulity and empiricism is re-

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ered lapse in hygienic conditions. Medical societies cannot do

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salpiux and pelvic hsematocele; laparotomy; recovery.

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guarded by two lateral semicircular chitinous plates.

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nicity of the vessel walls. Then we have to consider the

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Gruener, Ottokar: Die kutane Tuberkulinreaktion im Kindesalter, Wiener

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the mycotic colonies, resembling actinomycosis. The symptoms are

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materials whereby they augment in bulk. In voluntary muscular fibre,

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July, 29. Sponsored by Baptist Medical Center. J. A.

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and declared that success " lies in the missionaries themselves, because

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so great as to materially affect the percentages of births,

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