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progressed with two slight interruptions ; an attack of excruciating pain in the

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douzy, De la p6ritonite consiScutive a une perforation

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its interstitial tissues, and its vessels, but also by central

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of butter. Lay the mixture alL over the cake with a knife, and

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tendinous as to cause a fissure in the tip of the tongue,

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MEDICINE? — Richard J. Thurrell, MD, Madison; President,

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Because many drugs are excreted in human milk, caution should be exercised when

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with word-deafness), but a recent examination of the recorded observations

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the man is no longer infective. A certain degree of pigmentation may persist

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the point where the larger bloodvessels break through the

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dus. The first dose was taken before getting out of bed in the

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Von Graefe's and Stellwag's signs, weak, rapid and irregular pulse

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and its sequel, consumption), the diet during " the

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With the keenest interest we must follow the advances of

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Office since its establishment in 1871, we find that the

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described for the mammalia studied — in or on the peripheral layer of the proto-

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to specific levels of command in accordance with the primary mis-

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Care must be taken that the splint does not chafe the limb in any

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Before the operation could be performed the boy died. The same

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ment of the vesical mucous membrane. 4. And, finally,

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hemorrhage occurred from the wound. This was arrested by a compress

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trude into the opening and imitate the mechanism of normal labour as

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in muscle is caused by cold. The attack is accompanied by pain in the

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the Board moved a resolution that an inquiry into the accu-

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