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Fenton ( F. ) The of peptones in typhoid fever.

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said: "Sir, this occasion is too sad, and the time inopportune to

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markedly improved in the course of a year and a half, but as

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* Case of Collins, tried at Chelmsford, August 9, 1821.

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theory we adopt. Is the opinion correct that the primary event is a

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2 Chronic Stable Angina (Classic Effort-Associated Angina).

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tating catheterization on the following morning. 'The tem-

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there at his own expense. Dr. Todd’s interest in Beloit College became evident

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held at Detroit, Mich., from November 13th to 17th.

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constitutional changes of a nature peculiar to this diathesis."*

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is persistent constipation. The spleen may be uniformly and exten-

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papillae. Juler says the best and most effectual treatment in adults

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1. Talma's Operation in Cirrhosis of the Liver. M. L. Harris.