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ing the too common boast of the extent of our charity

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Cancer of the testis, which is generally not nodul-

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the axis of the vagina in juxtaposition with the cervix

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to work so heartily to strike at what would seem to

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connected with the main street, and at right angles

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fon-ed, because of the bend, and, therefore, more easy

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Cbesnut, Joseph \V., Queen's Colleges, Belfast, Cork, and Galivay

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used-up air from within'"; " the personal cleanliness

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and deep anatomical linowledge as well as practical

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In publisliing this essay, Mr. Smith has considered

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state frankly and confidently that this epidemic dis-

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refen-ed to". The Times further observes :— " Most of

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can be little doubt that in the course of time other

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Eule VI, Section 3, he will see that it is not strictly

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In the Arts Department Students are prepared under the Resident

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observed in the sane, write little or nothing in their

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the affectionate regaa-d of each individual member of

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the remains of the nose, he foi-med a flap from the

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qualities are quite as important ? But the astounding

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bers of the profession were present at the meeting, whose

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amputation at the shoulder-joint.- — In Mi-. Adams's

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its infancy, and it is perhaps a question as to whether

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able for a lim.u time to overcome the obstacle in the pulmonary

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Dann, Edward, M.D., Assistant-Surgeon, to the Medusa.

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bi-inging all their powers to insure the same result.

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monstrous assumi:>tion that a whole staif could be

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process, their branches become choked by the result-

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irritability and mental excitement ; exerts a power-

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In the first chapter, the causes of suicide are con-

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was admitted into the Sheffield Public Hospital a few

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supply the voluntary muscles of the trunk and limbs

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experience in the work on the part of the officers of

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lating-shafts, our guUy-holes, and open closets. They

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mals, and so 'situated that the prevailing wind does

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Bokitansky described an opening seven or eight millimetres in