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Beconase Aqueous Nasal Spray

flamed gland. It causes great pain ana soreness, which is followed
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peutic or sedative, and other "very sensible effects," it is more
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A. S. Donkin continues his observations on the efficacy of a
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disease will be robbed of most of its viru- doses too rapidly, lest a tolerance to the
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inconvenience. This is, perhaps, the smallest dose — though let
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diseases, has its peculiar phases to pass through, and can no more
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different causative factors. The term has long been employed
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genuine — Syrup of Figs. It is well known to physicians that —
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Nitrate of silver, I repeat, is used either as an excitant or as an
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from I to 4 degrees of temperature. The fever is of a con-
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The adult dose of Glyco-Heroin-(Smith) is one teaspoonful, repeated
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hence the thymol was dissolved more rap- killed a dog of 15 pounds in four days; a
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lary circulation, pulse 84, rather weak, tongue coated dark yellow, bowels
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Chemical reagents, applied to the quantitative determination of
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be excluded from the routine of his daily life. We refer to the
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fore, from well isolated minute or larger nodules to masses or
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urethra, the posterior or inferior face of the mucous membrane
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State of New York, Joshua Spencer, has told Dr. Hamilton, that for him-
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to take two and a half ounces to produce the desired effect, and
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held in high repute in the cure of inflammation. It is not,
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At a late meeting of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society,
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and even watery. Ulcers may appear on the nasal mucosa.
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blood. Sometimes it is twice as long as the normal spleen
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of chloroform and traction to the extent of 3001bs. exerted, with
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get from the companionship of those who So before sending your patient away from
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developed after we moved upon sand," etc. through sand; hence on clay soil the em-
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different. What is the real pathological import, then, of the
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brity in America — and some other drugs in the treatment of
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Suitable for Libraries, Teachers, Students, Clubs and Homes
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Evening. Feels better ; cathartic has acted twice. Skin moist ;
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monly called navel-ill, consists of suppurative lesions in j'oung
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vagi. As soon as the key was gently applied round the tooth I
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about Is. 8fZ. as the price of the contents. The bottle is nearly
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to grasp the principle upon which the non-restraint system is
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der,, he became quiet — slept, and perspired freely, and awakened