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Bitozed Forte Review Questions

of thigh. Posterior : To flexure of knee-joint. External :

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tion or distribution of the blood, described under etiology, have pre-

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nature as not legally to justify an acquittal for murder. In order to exculpate a

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' Read before the New York State Medical Association, Octo-

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ment with a comprehensive skill, sagacity, and forecast, a purity and elevation

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rectness of the theory when he showed that he had found 75

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believe that water can enter the vagina in all cases, but that it occurs in

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T. Mitchell Prudden. 5th ed. Illust. by 365 Wood Engravings printed

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and now we have 50 and often more children. As soon as we *et a

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regions of the body more commonly affected are the forehead,

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from infantile paralysis. Since then he had performed

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cells and hemoglobin, anemia is unquestionably the rule. It is of

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the various branches of medical science. I know that it is not

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a mixture of equal parts of a deci-normal iodine solution and

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and upon sterility in using rectal enemata. In the case of rectal

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duced from $70 to $49, and in Batavia Township, contracts

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long and eventful years, I have come to the conclusion that a general

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baths. The latter may be easily prepared by means of a

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the various combinations of corpuscles or atoms under

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times called "epilepsy" and "syncope"), nineteen in num-

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One other thing may or may not have had to do with the

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What is the Best Nutritive Enema ? — Nutritive ene-

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conspire to bring about this condition ; such are, notably,

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Mr. C. Macnamarft (The Practitioqer, September, 187l)j st^tes^ th8,t he Im tyq^tod

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To this question we reply "yes;" silica, in detached, minute

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that such cases under suitable local applications improve

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to a reaction, which in character differs somewhat from an inflammation

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a dangerous type and transmit them to others makes it advisable to

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sauces, etc. ; and especially of alcoholic drinks. Various external influ-

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discs and a rostellum of booklets, and develops into

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5. As a corollary to the last proposition, I may state that

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must be enforced upon the nurse, who should be required

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Guy's Hospital. Fifth Edition. Fcap. Svo, with 142 Engravings, 8s. 6d.

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(1) Stricture of the Mouth. — This, of course, is a narrowing of the oral

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ing, to prevent any relapse, for a short time after permanent

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is present in abnormally large quantities when I can find it in less

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he doubts whether it would have all the good results of a

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