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leading principles which guided Wuertz in his treatment

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understand what the term " os uteri " meant, and she was positive that the

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mitted directly from i^arent to offspring. Observations upon animals

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Carolina and Virginia. All the fowls examined, affected with

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whether a mixed infection is present or not, and if so upon the

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remedy in gynecology. While we were calming a woman's

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a few pieces of ice ; enemata, containing 5 ounces water, | ounce

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30 Changes in the Gornu Ammonis in Epileptics. Bratz.

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Louisville University, Medical Department. — Do not fail to read

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M. Tarnier persists in beliering that vegetations should not be

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bright sunshine was 120.2 hours, the daily maximal duration

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^brane is congested and covered with elevated patches of lymph,

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duction. The solid cable is plainly visible as a sharp

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longus colli muscle, and spinal column. Outside of it is the pleura ;

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On the motor side. — Motor paralysis is the most evident of all ob-

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Abt. 70 — On Intemperance as a Cause of Chronic ^rigkVs Disease,^

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up); the softness and compressibility of the vessel; the absence of paroxys-

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approximately full term by Mr. Bellingham Smith under ether

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site the cricoid cartilage, and preferably on the left

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this dislocation was an impossibility; but when I mentioned

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y Longevity. — In connexion with the pseudo-centenarianism of the

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day during the disease. Ordered : Infusion of digitalis to be increased

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* This preparation may be had in a very pure state at Mr. Stints'

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naturally terminated her pregnancy, a healthy child being born. The newly-elected

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Case I. — H. H. H., aged eighteen years ; by occupation a clerk, and a

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reagent, and also a mixture of coagulable and non-co-

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all the secretions except that of the skin, the symptoms of the

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never to be employed in this stage of the process ;

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the heart. Tliere was no enlargement of the thyroid

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versa, and above all not to be tied to any one drug or method of treat-