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need it offers a reward for deceit and impudence, and encourages

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cliiefly for the muscles of voluntary and involuntary motion, into every

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becomes exceedingly grave when involving organs or tissues

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gained power and became able to walk. Two weeks before coming to the

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mer doctrinally, and in the latter practically. These constituted the three elements

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angiitis (polyarteritis), anaphylactic shock, urticaria,

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objects were largely political. The Association drafted a Nurses

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Medicinal. — The one remedy, par excellence ^ on both rational andei"

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Mazumder and Ware could find no U. S. companies inter-

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tures milk gradually turns sour and finally curdles has been known

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vaccinated cases show a titre of from i to 2 thousand in about 70% of

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tion. Thrombosis and embolism of the renal arteries will be considered in

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enty-seven years old. He was born in Cincinnati, but

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Simpson's notion that the foetus makes reflex movements as long

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for from three to four days. At the termination of the course of

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tonitis over the seat of the ulcer is common. Tuberculous ulcers are usually

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Swann, Jos. F., Kannapolis (Hon.); Coll. of P.&S., Bait., 1896 1896 1904

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to its occurrence. And this may, perhaps, be the reason why Professor Du

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want of sleep, as well as the delirium and loss of memory observed in tlie

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the following points have been established by post-mortem

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bodies to produce the extensive mischief so characteristic of phossy jaw.

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to the questions, "Who Is he?" "Where Is he from?" "What are

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money, and compensation for losses to be fixed for Naval

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Art. XY. — A Medical Handbook, comprehending s^ich Information on

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character, and above all, in its capacity to promote bodily vitality and

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or medical center, our experienced Army Medical Counselors can assist

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that " it made him feel so hot he would rather be sea-sick."