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white arsenic which had been supplied to him through mistake. I am in-
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kidney totally insufficient, that is, the kidney of anuria, is as unable
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the best-known doctors of the vicinity testified that the
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although at the onset of la grippe there may be every evi*
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than the presence of methemoglohin in the blood. In only one of the thirty-two
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days of saner physiology, had we not his written word for it.
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might we not — resting upon the same authority, and appeal-
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Olmsted County.” The notice was signed “Many Citizens.”
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most in the wards at 6 o'clock a.m., and become of less and less
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passed away, probably all of us feared lest the book
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by adults is not prejudicial to health or to a long life.
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and (6) disintegrated, migratory leukocytes, which form branching fibrilbe.
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The Treatment already described under palpitation yields
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face backwards, should be assisted. We are surprised, however, to observe
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inland, probably owing to the cattle not being moved
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fluid was clear and colorless in all but 2 of the cases; in 1 of these
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in the right axilla, and then those in the left, after a
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invests these diseases with peculiar interest and importance, and should lead to a lAoroM^A
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number of passengers were determined for all observations falling in each
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sweats; on disturbances of the digestive function; and
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that there was great provocation on both sides, but no insanity. The regular
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this solution, which represents 1\ milligrammes of arseniate of soda. This preparation
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of discharge took place, and the opening contracted to a
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trated one of the gastric arteries and produced fatal hemorrhage. A similar
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In '21, the Society was ambitious to establish a county medical