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(Received regularly. Parts 2 and 4, 1851, and Parts 2 and 3, 1850, not re-

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are (Icteniiined by the sj)ecial and (|UMntitita\e distribution of the

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anxiety to know the probable issue of the injury, and at the same time

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all ; we have only to regret its immaturity, from the

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since last visit ; gave two-thirds of a grain of morphia

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WANTED; — Assistant in office doing industrial work. Excellent oppor-

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])ura haemorrhagica. He wasted considerably, and all

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lesions with which it is associated. So long as the equilibrium of the cir-

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and refer to others treated by Dr. Weir Mitchell and Dr. Sink-

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ration. No sphjgmograpliic tracings were taken. The rapidity

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sore throats, and other ailments, from which I used to suffer as

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culty was encountered in laying open the entire tract

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then given that one morning in l<s9.s he had awakened to find his left

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{Charles Nightiiigiih; 17, SackriUe->.treel, ViecaJillii, Lmidou, W.)

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of his letter, about as bad as when I first saw him.

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removed and a gauze packing inserted. The upper and lower

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over, when administered iu large doses, or continuouslv

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was considerable inflammation, there was a small round opening

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Norristowu ; F. W. Coover, Harrisburg ; W. A. Marsh, Mt.

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principle, and, above all, that they operate most se-

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strength, AF that it is 50 per cent, and AG that it is (MV^ per

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ures are only indicated in the first stage of the disease. Perfect quietness,

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transmitting the infection by their bites. WTiether they are necessary

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and indeed frequently without any treatment at all, for there

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"festina lente," dear Doctor, lawyers are a cruel set of scamps.

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in him lay, lie would prevent foreigners obtaining permission

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anatomy and diseases of the ear, and one of the mosv

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perfecting a method which from its simplicity would not re-

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