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. There is one condition that our quarantine regulations effect that

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formal meeting. However, the Executive Secretary has

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condition of the patient. Liquors withdrawn gradually; no

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by chutes to the floor below, where It Is the duty of a second Government employee to

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any relatimiship exists helween the twn glands, and snnu' iiliser\ers

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her evening meal, neighed a great deal, and seemed to be nervous and

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examined at the National Institute of Health laboratory

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Single Immunization package contains three Yz cc. Vials

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and Decatur counties to the northwest comer of Wayne County; thence easterly along

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lactic femoral vein interruption there were 55 cases

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ing a case to a neurosurgeon for this purpose should

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Sections Through the Thyroid and Cross-Sections of the Upper

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Firnier closure is the result lieeause the normal inhihition of the temporal

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the scapular and latissimus dorsi muscles. The axil-

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committee of investigation api^ointed by Department of Agriculture— 12

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Great Britain admits our cattle and sheep only for slaughter within,

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The patient, a 64 year old woman, was admitted to the

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medicine, take it according to directions. Remember, a larger

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To meet this demand for animal food there were killed in this

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Plan now to attend and make your own reservation at the Palmer House, Chi-

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" Observata med. rarior." Amstelodami, 1677, Pars IV,

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m. Fibrous pancreatitis, both of the interacinar and the inter-

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membranes, whieh explains why one is able to swallow a liquid that is too

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Buchanan ; 1 T. L. Howden St. Joseph Joseph L. Fisher St. Joseph

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Louis, for presenting to the profession recent advances

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of this serial passage. Further tests upon rabbits fully substantiated

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STOP is now almost as easily done as said, when bleeding must be

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ten, double-spaced, on white paper 8% by 11 inches.

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Virden and Mr. O’Brien, up>on motion by Dr. Virden

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official health organizations and agencies in the state

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was well ahead of his time, for physicians of his day

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of the thigh (figs. 1 and 2). Because of variations