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ject by reason of the belief that the War Department

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" The Criminal Code, 1892," or that he has been guilty of any infamous or disgraceful

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the Vocabulary proceeded from Mr. Renshaw ; and ^Ir.

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pathic tendencies, and martial misfits. He evidently

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to paralysis and wasting of the arytenoid muscles of the larynx^

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a high fever, though his temperature was only 102.5 His face underwent

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known. Hence all the results attempted by future imitators

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and tyrosin, and in many cases albumen. At the end of the first

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arise from irritation in meningitis, or abscess in the region of the bulb,

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pressure record and should instruct the observer to call his attention

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children will be feebleminded and three-fourths normal, but of

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disturbances dependent upon abnormalities of the urinary

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hold the theory of multiple intra-uterine fractures.

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Conditions preventing the adaptation of an artificial

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tient's symptom." being attributed to other ailments. He had

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•Guthrie and Whiteis: Iowa Med. Jour., 1914, zx, p. 478.

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Ciitcinnati, Ohio. — No new ca8«M or deaths have oc-

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terfere with relaxation of the ciliary muscle of the examined

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the request of Dr. Champneys, a catheter was passed for some

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impaired nutrition, and an unchanged electrical irritability of nerve and

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lary projection to which the term villus is applied in the intestine.