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have an incontinence of sphincters, delirium or convulsive
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rately. Having found a mass which is suspected to be abnor-
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the relations are not so simple. The appearances are,
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have been about 70 cases of genuine and modified small-pox, and
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by the vapor of magnesium. Both are monatomic and these
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One occasionally meets with a hernia of such magnitude
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has been in continuous operation and has had extraordinary
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ish-green masses with a fecal odor. Her bowels had moved
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were doing an extensive operation, and did not stop
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pause, and then, after another course and pause, gramme 0.25 a day
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The incubation period is not known. The disease begins with high fever,
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4. xlii, pp. xxiii-xxxi. ^?so : Lancet, Lond., 1883, ii, 973-
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woman told the writer that she never went to bed during one
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the fact a great number of times, since 1852 when we first announced it, that
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Dr. J. M. Aiken, Omaha, in a paper on this subject, made a
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respiration is to be induced by faradisation of the phrenic
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irritating substances. Such irritation may, and often does, cause
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from beginning to end by our senior medical students;
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A tube of between 3 and 5 mm. bore gives best results. At some point in the
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sm. 4°. Helinsiadii, fi/p. 1'. D. Schiiorrii, [1736].
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352. Special Problems in Pharmacology. — Laboratory work of advanced character
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her with the catheter. I was then informed that she could not move her
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the bladder impossible, and causing a retention of a portion
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in their pathological anatomy and symptomatology. The recent work of
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his study, as might qualify him to comprehend what he observes, and might thus prepare him to
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two lips of the os were equal, no trace of hypertrophy remaining.
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France, in the newly-formed department of the Upper Rhine. The
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punishable offense for a man to practice medicine unless
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these returns are satisfactory, but they exceed by rather more
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their character. When the exhalent action is increased in the
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the left over the abdomen, cephalic version was per-
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troublesome weed. The root is very long, frequently penetrating
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well over to the left side, somewhat tender and smooth.
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surgeon. This is perha))s the most frequent source of the abuse of hospitals ;
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the territory of health, and an armed resistance against such a foe
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able to be kept a very long time in a cool place. A teaspoonful of it
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Spelling, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography and TJ. S. History
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his two thousandth. In the paper before us {Am. Journ. Med. Sc,
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or neighboring structures. The intelligence and watch-
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so he had placed his hand on the hypogastric region, and had
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covered with a white coat in the centre, red at tip and edges. Urine of sp. gr.