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the medical profession in some of the provinces. Medical
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Reports, 1875. 4. EDINGER. Deutsch. Zeitsch. f. Nervenheilk. 1891, Hefte 3 and 4.
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even while the other leg is in its turn executing its series of awkward
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clared Mesmer a second Cagliostro and his electric cures a compound
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them badly long before they joined my people ; but the presence of so complete
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result of trophic disturbance. Chronic arthritis of the
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of New Bedford, to .see Mrs. G., suffering from an abdominal
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The tumour in Douglas' pouch was covered by organised
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coat of two lines in thickness upon the blood, after it had stood for
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The various causes which may lead to a drooping of the lid — mechanical
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that Militia Surgeons would not be required for attendance on
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Its yellow rays are better than white ones in very many cases. One
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The oily applications, or the artificial cuticle, are
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cians who have had opportunities of putting their practice to
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and this is emphatically an essential part of the climatic pre-
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league, not only by himself, but by those who have profession-
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prisingly thin, the thickest not exceeding two lines, and the thin-
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apparent, which afterward showed all the characteristic ap-
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that, thanks to the scientific treatment of an able
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Ligature, temporary, employed in Cases of Aneurism 403
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Professor Thompson asserts that this practice "tends
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cordial pain resembling angina pectoris.^ In a case which came under my