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with eosin. In some of these cells the nucleus was cen-

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sec the following T/Os: 8-508, Sta Hosp. 25 Jul 40;

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Dr. Abbe, she had already for six hours shown characteristic

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epidemic, yet it is generally of a comparatively mild nature,

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and poisons you. So let all in the stair resolve to

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umphs before the real work of life begins. I have no com-

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when first brought into the room should be hot.other-

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Does the provider with the biggest ad necessarily offer the

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incision and the separation of adhesions, and, when the ligaments

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years ago Brand, of Stettin, urged the systematic treat-

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1908 a.— Idem <Progres vet., Agen, v. 21 (4), 25 fev., pp. 142-150. [WX]

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furnished with extracts from the original authorities. We pre-

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would be large ; especially would this be the case with

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described for the mammalia studied — in or on the peripheral layer of the proto-

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Tlie next day there was incoherence of speech and the patient appeared

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the lens that then exists. The existence of the so-called conus in new-born

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respectability of the profession ? 2d. Would it be a beneBt to the

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practitioner in his conduct of these cases, and he admits there is

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of flat-foot, and also as to the way iu which they ought to be trained

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found, the patient is continually tossing himself from side to side in bed, and

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and exposing it to a heat which in the dark appears a low dull

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It is safe to say that for some years to come this work will