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Emollient Laxative Drugs Examples

no one has ever regretted the amount they may have paid him, since,
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normal. Vaginal examination revealed considerable enlargement of the vaginal portion
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the pathology of this interesting tumor. It is there-
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tieretofore, will be devoted to the dissen^ination[ — and the same contractedness is now exhibited
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so long will each province claim its right of legislating in
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the most characteristic features of the malady. The foot appears stumpy
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Memorial Hospital at Four Seasons Hotel, Newport Beach. Fri-Sun.
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analytical chemist is of course an absolute necessity. Not less
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In one experiment blood was drawn from a young man in
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varying severity. If very severe, convulsions ensue.
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it out and established it clearly as a distinct morbid entity. All
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ticularly organic and pharmaceutical Chemistry, he understood
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Leprosy in Indiana. — ^The newspapers report that
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for further public health work of all kinds by creating a sentiment in
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for the lying-in woman to take with her meals is good milk.
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corresponding period in the preceding year. 1917-18. a nonepidemic
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Alcohol and the Motor Vehicle: A Social and Economic
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employed is a decoction of the folia uva ursae ( 5 ss. to § vj, a table-
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independent, but coexistent phenomena. If it be not then a
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no doubt, in the series of lesions which caused his
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and, although perhaps somewhat disturbed, they lived to a good old
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convent, which we spoke of in our last, has been attributed,
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ments of a tissue or organ, as distinguished fh>m
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sound may also be due to the movements of the tendons through
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very often accompanies the administration of chloroform,
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for the child and to normalize as much as possible his experience as
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symptom, but in many cases the power of accommodation is also lost.
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I shall now relate short histories of six cases of nervous
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as to how rickets occurring during intra-uterine life
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months." Dr. S. Edwin Solly, of Colorado Springs, says that
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conditions that are now obscure, though certain words
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were healthy. In the cavity of the abdomen, the large intestines were
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exhaustion induced by a severe attack of cholera morbus may invite a
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which destroyed the myrtles in his gardens at Lau:"entinum.
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does not stain the hands. Normal urines, according to Mattice,
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