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Methycobal Injection Effects Ug

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ous tissue may be observed in both localities. 5. There are
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experiment was finished some were infected by means of the
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view, Vol. IV. p. 509, from Recherches Cliniques pour servir
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expressed a wish that some such institution might be founded
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escape and find their way to the sahvary glands, in the cells o{
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feel that they must, at least, be conversant with the prin-
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be removed as fast as possible without damage to the
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processes rapidly, and which works manifest change and detri-
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period of several injections. We found, however, one more sub-
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-R.vyser— Slack.— On AprU 11, at the Priory Church, Great Malvern,
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position the X-light traversed the bone in its greatest diam-
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and at its height. We shall consider each separately.
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contractions. Pulsation ceased altogether, and the case was left to na-
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Six muscles are attached to its strong extehial coat, the
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defect, give far better ultimate results. A series of original
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soda, in stellate masses of acicular crystals, is now and then discovered im-
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that they may be produced in response to a systemic condition
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having gained twenty-six pounds in weight, recovering his appetite,
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' ProfcBsor Arthur Keith, " A I)enionstnition of SpccimenR illustrating Cysts of the
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quent pushing up and crowding back of the intestines and other organs,
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be differentiated by the symptoms ? Hemorrhage into the brain-substance
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outward below, however, over the scalene muscles, the brachial
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differs so materially under different surroundings:
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tapped and the fluid drawn off, from ten to twenty minims
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Vesalius (1543). (Plate IIL & IW) It is hard to say whether
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it is only then that their presence in the bowels is likely to do
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praise cannot be awarded the patient and faithful in-
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many imagine that the climate once reached, the cm-e will surely
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Canstatt, Prager Vierteljahresschr. fur die praktische Heilkunde, 1849.
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In diarrhea and dysentery you will find brandy of service, especially in the old.
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down on the sac of the abscess. If covered by omentum or intestines,
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Graduated on One Course of Lectures* — The Marion -Sims Medi-
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of other regions than the blue violet and ultra-violet. This
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from any of these sedatives as applied /)er vaginam, any ap-