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vented an undue increase in the size of the volume. By the

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their place peritoneal disturbances occur ; menstruation

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cerning the physiological action of drugs. Thus, a drug

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the cervix was found to be very dangerous, owing to the risk of producing air embolism, and

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Of the 71 unvaccinated cases, 49 died, being a mortality fcr

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hard encasement is the secret of success in treating fract-

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mation in the vascular walls with eventually perforation and hemorrhage.

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Soon after this period, the 88th regiment arriving here from

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mother to me suffering exquisite pain in right ear, which had been growing

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much benefit ; for certainly ease was obtained by it.

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It would appear, then, that this combination of diseases

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bloodvessels, and at length slight pitting, or oedema, may super-

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as to tlie correct method of treating this condition. First,

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After careful and exhau.stive consideration of the question,

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liable, it would seem to indicate a very slow growth for

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106,929,244 gallons daily, and of this 55,695,796 gaUons

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because of the multitude of bacilli which are scattered

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of glanders probable. The performance of the test is similar

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there any perceptible difference between the numbers of de-

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been taken, is clearly indicated in a great majority of

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hospital to its present site in the year 1871, then retiring on

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that because conditions and uses have changed, less

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tions, the power should also be delegated to them of paying

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a charge of theft, and the officers requested a poor man, who was a shoemaker,

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time.^'^ Although scores may be influenced by language,

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pneumonia, for one could not tell how long a pneumonia

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conditions that are now obscure, though certain words

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The Earl}'^ Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuber-

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ganisms less during the night than the day. In dwell-