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tion, I wish to suggest a few points. Quoting from Pro-

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tions, they emitted a disagreeable animal odour, the presence of that odour

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pressure is developed, and finally there are two kinds of pain — a dull,

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I think, if not the only authority at that time, to refer to this

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relieved by the application of hot fomentations, but only after two

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the police should take this matter off our hands as speedily

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symptoms may all disappear, leaving only the paralysis or localising sign

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same way as civilians — those doing the X-ray work abroad for the most

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in all Its parts, but at the same time it was evident that

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hornione x in the blood and insufficiency of adrenin.

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cardiac surgical patients during a two-year period. Hemo-

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various epidemics and in isolated instances. Hence it

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the radical cure may, under certain conditions, be hoped for ;

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lent from the followin<j: views recently expressed :

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theories. The application of the new methods of physical

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cancer eventually developed in 53 (6%) of the patients. 3 This

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from a larger consideration of the dynamical element in these

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and Tuberculosis, Disinfection, Disinfectants and Quar-

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of infection cannot be doubted if we recall the fact

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or to the rectum. Perforation maj- rarely occur, and we then have the [hd-

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example, typhoid fever. M. Meill^re strongly recom-

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minutes divides it into twenty-five powders. Within

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600 beds, divisible as stated, is carried in twenty-one waggons, or

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less when Kent first saw the boy. Kent noticed that the dis-

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be the home of the most delicate and timid creature.. -Be

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office, exposed to temperatures from the freezing point to above