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placing a small belladonna plaster over the heart. To some

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Dr John Cadenhead, physician and oculist, who became junior

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claimed, that splits fats into glycerin and free acid, this

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press upon the reader certain truths of so general an applica-

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f Kussmaul. Zur Lehre von der Paraplegia Urinaria. ("Wiirzburger Med.

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One other thing may or may not have had to do with the

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regretting that Dr. F. W. Marlow, of Syracuse, N. Y., the

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so-called diabetic xanthoma, were present, without the diabetes.

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Pms considered this lesion of the nerve-fibers to be of a scirrhous type,

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peculiar to the bowels of infants at birth, the so-

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gence of eyes, some retraction of head, and a month later by constant spasmodic

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remedies proposed for the treatment of typhoid fever, or of its symptoms, by

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to l>e sacrificed for dissection. It has also proved of great value in the

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which have no connexion with previous strictures of

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The deathrate of 17.88 in Brooklyn is the lowest in that section

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tions differs greatly in numerous affections altogether independent of any

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of the best and most popular lecturers on his branch, although Berard and

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systole differs in nowise from the account of these phenomena generally

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found not one to be the offspring of consanguineous mar-

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lips having been made, the patient was advised to subject him-

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one, and it is on this account that infantile laryngismus is

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dice, which nearly or quite clears up, only to return in a

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Mississippi, and more useful to medical science. Appended to the me-

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whereon to fasten, and hence a greater liability to pustular

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observations on healthy men, mostly young and vigorous students

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tubercle could be arrested, there seems no reason why cavities in the

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Stauk, A.m., M.D., Attending Physician, New York Dispensary ; Assistant

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we have no right to attach supreme importance to our climatic conditions in

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infection or of infection with the typhoid bacillus itself. Typhoid abscesses

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tlu^ color of the brick. The external designs for these, as

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ping-glass, distinctions which, in the present day, are

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uncommonly associated with the presence of a single kidney.

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Ou the other hand, as we know, a delinite and distinct neo-

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be as little strain as possible on the usual perma-

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the temporal side of the optic nerve, near the apex of the orbit, derives

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