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discoloured, and that there was a great rattling in the joint
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A. Maitland Ramsay, ]\[.B. (Pathologist) House Surgeon, Hugh Highet, M.D.
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jieritij Litis, 4 — ]ircmature birth, 2 — pueiijcral clisease, 1 — scrofula, 1 — teething, 1 — tumor (ute-
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ofi:ered die following prize : For the best treatise on the
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is arrived at after the necessary elimination of those
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transitional form caused problems in identification since it usually took at
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Mr. Alban Dorax remarked that electricity and amputation of the ovaries
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turnes et epilepsie; crises d'Spilepsie de nature 6rotique
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paniform, seen in the rectum. Stomach inoculated into i-at 286, result,
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Finally, it is well perhaps to mention that Dr. Findeisen's
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her physician, but I have heard nothing further of the
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circumstances, proves fatal as a rule, with perhaps a few exce})tions. At the
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tery bacilli 60 were males and 37 females. Sixteen cases were less than six
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radically cure deep urethral stricture? The author had ex-
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The Secretar? now read the report of the committee on Publications— the chair-
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will be found valuable, especially at night before retiring.
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[SijJtned.] Joskimi I). Buy ant, M. I)., ChairuKui,
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through the town, and the houses became infected. One pe-
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strength and enlargement of the extremities. He believed it a disease
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in reduction of dislocation, after violent measures have failed."
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tinued very labored, and he was unable to speak. I then ad-
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(e) " Ment J Pathology and Therapeutics." Syd. Soc. Trans! , p. 262.
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was done most thoroughly. The disease, if so it may be called, thus
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the nature and variety of these answers the writer has
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suffering from fatty diarrhea contains as high as 53 per cent, of fat, excluding the