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Chronic serous peritonitis is usually secondary to ascites. Together with

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PAR CBNT MOBB than any other make In the market, for the SABCB PBICKeharfl^od bjr other Arm*.

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toxic, and may be taken in enormous doses, we find some

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* A. Neisser: Ueber eine der Gonorrhoe, eigenthlimlicbe Micro-

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the nine species found in dogs, staphylococcus pyogenes

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duced Mackenzie and Berlin to advise enucleation of the compressed,

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Ulcers of the oesophagus are mostly superficial excoriations, but

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discover the nature of the remaining tumour. She never entirely rallied

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Section 2. Examinations shall be upon practical and

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ted by Forbes Winslow, M. D. Published Quarterly. London: Churchill.

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obstetrics. A rule that he considered practical is stated

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outer dressings will absorb and render innocuous the surplus of blood

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by manipulation instead of by extension and rotation, in

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death. It mews that the qualities of his heart were equal

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alphabetically arranged, correspond to the following annual

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11. Wright, J. H.: Neurocytoma or neuroblastoma. A kind of

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ing May 9. The new members are Dis. William S. Porter and

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silk thread is fastened to the arch of the bucket and a

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Atrophy is exceedingly common, and traceable to various causes. In

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bacteria, chiefly micrococci, are also present. When the inflam-

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was more of a neurosis because it subsided after a brief course of

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the liver was cut to the extent of three- eighths of an inch, and on the

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Siegfried, C. A., Surgeon. Ordered to the Naval Station at

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of white substance, centrum ovale, is thus displayed. The corpus

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troduction of the plaster-of-I'aris dressing was sev-

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(W. M.) Chloroform vs. ether. Dental Brief, Phila.,

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grounds. The school site should be selected with the utmost

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August 1, 1894: Robust, well-developed man, showing a pale, yel-