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drophilic contact lens for the treatment of corneal
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payment for any expenses incurred for items or services "which are not
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and a slight adhesion of two of the aortic cusps. Each
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adopts ; it is liable, however, to be followed by inflammation of the urethra,
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facilitate its removal. No vessels needing ligature entered it, but the
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If I am not misinformed, all of these are still engaged, at least to some
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tographer fearlessly illuminates his developing room with
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Blake, John G. Gastric ulcer, 457 ; a case of intesti-
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r.. 134 — '^l.■^^.■^c trav!in\ i>t ■ijiju.l ; Ihl .it llb:,l 1 •JllUUimna'ili^ ^^ ith I hi. klUl-.MIUI.
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to be so easily obliterated. A period of hard frost gives
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be given two or three times daily, in grain or two-grain doses,
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mentation takes place ; the elements of the sugar arrange them-
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sions), but is of little value in veterinary practice, compared
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During the past few years, the American College of Surgeons has been working through its Program Committee to
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any or all of these varieties may be combined, it would not be
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conducted in later years under great difficulties on account of
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