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menced to fail, and was much better when the sun shone brightly. On
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serving to open them, is the levator palpebrae superioris, supplied by the
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In carrying out the foregoing procedures should any para-
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sort, since here they are most likely to reach those who need them — the rela-
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performed the Oajsarean operation. The tumor was much
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have to get this exjjerience on their first patients, and some-
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of three minims each, corresponding to one and a quarter
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an albuminous fluid of the consistence of synovia, which
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finches, etc. It is shortest of all in the diurnal birds of
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that circumstance is elucidated by the latter fact.
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address the writer had local fame ; afterward, he had won
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increase, the necessary appropriations will not long be wanting from a community
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taken to maintain the nutrition of the patient. Dr.
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W. C. Hill, Cleveland; Edward H. Skinner, Kansas City, Mo.;
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When one contemplates this picture with no little gruesome experi-
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Kentucky School of Medicine. That lady did well. Her sub-
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whole progress of the affection so like that of a specific disease, that there
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that a A'ast amount of change, iuA'olving extensive and constant functional
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apply cold over the abdomen. Nothing is to be expected from treatment
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Councilman and his co-workers noted conjunctivitis in 10 cases of
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is an atheist and holds that instead of, a Creator the process of life,
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lar disease notified. The statement should include: (1)
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is named here to benefit the living, without prejudice to the honored and lamented
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seem to suthciently explain. In tlie campaign of Russia, in
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or ears. A hot bath or washing with warm water may be
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1. Morris: Am. Jonr. Med. Set.. 1884, vol. 88. p. 458.
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gentlemen. .On opening the abdomen, we found two or three quarts of
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friction is often a more marked phenomenon of convalescence than of the