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and make the incision at the moment of the operation ;

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the heaving frost-lands of winter ;— which kindles his

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doses is less emetic than in small doses; an observation which

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hot. If we wait after heating until the plate cools again before

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water containing bacilli, according to Professor Fliigge's opinion. Both

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are (Icteniiined by the sj)ecial and (|UMntitita\e distribution of the

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process and suppurates; and, rarely, iu that way cures

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point of distinction between this epidemic and scarlet fever,

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pneumonia, for one could not tell how long a pneumonia

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periodical fever; but this may assume an intermittent or remittent

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lon ^* applied it to the study of exudates and transudates in con-

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most frequently presents itself. In the different epidemical visi-

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liver oil will cure pulmonary consumption ? I regret to state they have not.

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new conditions can be considered after (he manuscript has been put

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enabled, in repeated migrations, to change the place of his habitations, and

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that When he first came the knee-jerks were slightly increased on

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2. The collection and retention of blood and lymph (wound-

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to pursue any system or order in these errors of develop-

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The candidate must also declare his readiness to engage for

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a higher level than the patient's head. Bandages are of value,

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The pain of hepatic colic lasts for a few hours, while that of appen-

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eye-glasses, inferior therapeutically as they generally

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This case, far from furnishing a contraindication to puncture in thora-

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lies the corpse of the gentle and affectionate shepherd, Abel, with a hand-

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be gone through before a patient who voluntarily applies for admission to a

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ical societies in the eighteenth century were remark-