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nasal membrane reddened and moist ; no discharge, unless
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and distribute it tolerably well, keeping it in play till we have used it all
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ever, acute pain, tympanitis, and other symptoms, were found to depend
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British Sur^j-ery, in his splendid work, " The Science and
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parasites, are each of them occasionally found in what
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he moved his head from side to side, then seizing the arm
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only one line of treatment to be followed ; the wounds must be
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operation should be watched with assiduous care, that no injury be done by
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and sterilized in warm boric-acid solution, divided into twelve
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September 1 much improved in general health, with the stump
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Board of Health is using every endeavor to stamp out the
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sputum at first rusty and then purulent, flushed face, profuse
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2. The skin soon shows the effect of the heat. A gentle
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these carcinoma had their origin in a gastric ulcer.
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portion of those cases the patients are thrown on the fostering
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operation in the way of a curettment. We can not be sure that we have
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The point of the instrument is made conical. The shafts are
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tions, 12 of mania or melancholia, and 7 of idiocy. In 73 cases the
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Letters referring to a recent Journal article should be received
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or by others, may compensate for these divers inferiorities by qualities of
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cal Association. Prominent leaders in the profession
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fore-arm ; and as she had presented all the ordinary symptoms of a local
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caecum ; when it is called peri-typhlitis. Pain and tenderness on
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this way, the disease spreading from the posterior wall of the middle ear
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Case 11, the boy whose pneumonia was ultimately complicated
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or abscess formation. 2. Renal Colic. — It is only in the rare cases in which
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The fever in renal infections is very variable; in the acute form and in