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to a small village at a high altitude where dengue was unknown. Two

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These facts in minute anatomy and physiology, and they hardly admit of any

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The British Medical Journal notes that the Penzance Town

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lent forms of the Loeffler bacillus. Considerable controversy has raged

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has, it is understood, full power to settle the differences

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tival injection of a solution of bichlorid of mercury.

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other. The liquid contained is generally thicker and darker in

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splinters, a kitchen, an office, and that was about all.

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tuberculous ; and Lehmann found all the evidences of

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the meantime an opportunity to look over this report, and to be in a better position to judge

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normally preponderate, as is seen in the above table. Pathologically, especially in

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The seeds of plants, whole or ground, and all such feeds as are pro-

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we ought not to forget that albuminuria has been a very common symptom

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In the contrary case the arrest of cerebral activities

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by vaginal and bimanual palpation, and by internal inspection

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its effects on the eye and its appendages ; and we are tolerably well

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the larynx also occur. Stricture of the rectum is one of the results of gum-

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Mexico some one hundred and twenty years ago, I have

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general surface, but always perfectly defined from the adjacent tissue.

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connective-tissue cells. It is all important for our health and for the

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monic sign of its first stage, disappearing on the supervention

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etc. The average figures obtained by Robin for the different stages