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cases of iritis, interlamellar keratitis, severe hypopion, staphyloma of the
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ioQ is affected. In this disease it is not. Tlie sen-
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scenes such as these are occurring within a few thousand
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ceived in the needle. These results are observed whatever may be
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land and sea, he returned home, and was married to Miss Grant,
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par suite de I'accolement de I'iris k la surface postferieuie
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furnish valuable conclusions. For example, they may suggest the
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The first theory is founded upon the assumption that pus cells
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bowing of the tarsal plates from the contracting scars.
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who take it with pleasure for prolonged periods, — a factor
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Berenger-Feraud found that a much smaller number of cases occurred
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probably utters a cry, loses consciousness, and, if standing, Mia down as-
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ative pole by the use of the Boudet de Paris method.
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ration. Take into consideration, then, whether it be really necessary tu do any-
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the first few days ; but when the attack was of more than a week's duration, a tnie
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consciousness and keeping off stupor, somnolence, and
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with all reverence "A cause which }-e blindly search for,
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with general spinal paral3'si8 and paraplegia, affections to be considered
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the wants of the Profession in this important department. He
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more than 3d. in the poimd ; and they are also empowered to
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of blood. The larynx and trachea were remarkable. They were
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free, is in striking contrast with the rest of the face. Exceptionally the
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points of inflammation, etc., we see clearly that the parenchyma is
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as she could expect." Her husband then lay by her side. About one o'clock
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uncommonly associated with the presence of a single kidney.
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symptoms by Desmarres, von Graefe (1804), and Stellwag; the studies of
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ium nor actinium has as yet been isolated, but the activity of polon-
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map with red lines, we will be somewhat better prepared to
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Allergic: Fever combined with aching and sore throat; laryngospasm, respiratory distress Hemato-