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of a child of that same age. The whole region, as seen by the

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men. Tlie activity of these few professional traders, and

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ginning in Russia ; the direction of the epidemic definitel}^

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Laceration of the urethra, followed by profuse hemorrhage,

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in the abdomen, finally lodged in the lung ; death from peri-

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fifty rabbits with an albumose that he has isolated from ordinary

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plegic attacks to the eventual death is less striking, but taken in

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other at a»later period; which proves that there is no uniform

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w ith the passage of much mucus, tinged with blood. Various remedies

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First, the veins are uniformly filled, venous pressure is normal, and

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presence of elastic gas in the stomach, acting upon the

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acute symptoms, shows distinctly collapse of the upper third of the right lung —

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which it is absolutely impossible to rescue the patient^

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perience of experts is very natural and proper in the

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able exposure to the weather in long journeys ; and as these are insepar-

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the same hammer. Shattering vibrations are at the maximum,

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three, five, six or even seven days ; for strictures of a less calibre, soft instru-

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The treatment of these cases is not as yet, in my opinion, a satisfac-

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these fasciculi pass directly into the walls of the artery, as at *, *, *, and are inserted in the

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need it. Unhappily this fiscal bottom line approach does not

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e;id of the shaft and the portion of the neck attached

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respiration of plants; also by friction of large masses of water, such as

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prescription has appeared in the column of therapeutic

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diet. The stools were then cla3''-colored, large, putty-hke. On November

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of the small arterial branches towards the convexity of the brain, which

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Although albuminiu-ia and nephritis are thought to be rare complications

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mides did not come into iise until Locock brought them prominently

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results. It consists in administering opium in the shape

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give up work for at least twenty- four hours, no matter

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are apt to smile and laugh, some to cry, some to break out suddenly in

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said, at the Cholera Conference in Berlin, that the period of

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postmortem is made it shows an entirely unsuspected pneumonia.

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At one P. M., February 1, 1866, she eat a lunch of corned beef and

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growth of the anthrax bacillus in gelatine. Perchloride was used in

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practitioner because of the difficulty of having constantly on hand fresh

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in W. B. S., aged 35, brought to him November 28 last, with

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obviate the necessity of confining the patient to bed continuously

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fuctal remains of lining membrane, being columnar ciliated in early