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the beautiful Cow Pasture river, upon the Beaver Dam falls

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surface were discoloured where they had been bruised.

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ness of vision and had been dizzy on exertion for two weeks. He

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localized pain has been intense, I have derived most

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" I cannot pull round as yet and am suffering from sleepless-

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was noted, and an average struck. From this data an estimate wasi

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surgical staff of internes in the hospital. The menses had just ceased. The patient was

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mo0t preraknt, awl tb^ Ibns the xMoAhs of Mardiy ApiHy

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chisel. The flap/^ h is now turned to the right side,

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. It is during the early period of life, just before the completion of ma-

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pronounced that a hypodermic needle was introduced a little

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downwards and usually blended into a single bone; the apex

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, t . . ,, , ". 11- grammatic). a. Epithelial lining; b.

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Cranioectomy, — Newspapers and magazines have recently

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Ooue No. 1 : Illustrating the Ndturcd History of TraumaUc Tetanus,

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kidney are not infrequently found associated with amyloid degeneration in

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on leaving the hospital, and I lost sight of him before he died.

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rick have also a product which is furnished in tablet and

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4. Rozashegyi: Centralbl. f. Bakteriol., 1887, 2, 418.

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intestinal wall, and I think that if a few hours exist between the death

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teeth of the mammalia. It consists of cartilage and of osseous earth.

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formation of a subperiosteal abscess. Where this occurs in infants

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cities had a population of 7.3 millions in 1877 and 17.5 millions in

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In the reaction stage, alcohol was given to those evidently sinking from

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days, with a temperature of nearly 104°, and yet not

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in which he has found considerable difliculty in assigning the

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routine of appearing in lecture-rooms, etc., for a year, and after submit

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removed, as by so doing marks of violence, if any, may be found.

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is to be recommended, but cold affusions and hydroi)athic packing are hurt-

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Initial Symptoms. — Occasionally the onset was not well marked,

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point. His pulse was 100, and his temperature ioij''jj°