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that this anatomy exists in the female pelvis, and we have learned

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Elizabeth Reimet Internal Medicine The New York Hospital

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neurosis is probably more frequently a result of renal insufficiency thaa

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14. Accident Facts, 1986 Ed. Chicago, 111, National Safety Council, 1986

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In the patient referred to, he had operated several times liy the direct method

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Table IV. — Estimated^ Births, Immiyrants, Deaths, ^c.,for

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reports made by unskilled observers." In the Anatomischer

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be requested to allow the uee of its library, under conditions mutually agree-

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In the chapter on abscess I have said (p. 644) that Prof. Macewen and

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there gushed out a lot of foetid material, apparently pus, ant! all

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tube, as a developing ovum necessarily is. — British Medical Journal.

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generally, even if there be great proliferation and tufting

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Whether in the home or in the school-room, in the store

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the presystolic murmur disappears, though a diastolic murmur, if previously

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commonly passes all his evacuations under him in bed. Sometimes there is

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called the hypodermic method; it is employed when prompt action is

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The blood drawn from a vein is watery, pale, and seldom

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ried in by the bullet, traversed the lung from front to rear. I had him in my

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It says that a number of cases of overdosing and injury

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goitre. Persistent and tactful questioning, repeated at in-

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(XLIII.), the occupation of the inhabitants as miners, to which they

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indicated intestinal obstruction from some cause outside the

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The throat may be quite sore, and, as in other fevers, the patient

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