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dorsal aspect of the hands and feet was greatly tume-
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rule, aj^ply to the lower animals, but occasionally it is found
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to starch as suggested by Gaultier, but expressed as maltose. The
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but severe epidemic in Cairo and vicinity. The epidemic was
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the labour— that is, of the difficulty to be overcome — we shall
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no horse' has developed tetanus. As to vaccine virus,
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are synchronous. It is, therefore, an absurdity to suppose that a mitral
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itself ; to a progressive atrophy of the hair papilla, followed by death of
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by the introduction into the vagina, each night and
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Dr. Makawejew,'" in this interesting article, gives
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upon the dorsum ilii. By manipulation, they detected a distinct crepitus,
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*' Vegetable li(e, compared in its means and results, to the life of ani
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day nursery, where the health of the children is under the
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examining the abdomen, the abdominal muscles are seen to be exceed-
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Glenard* gives the following outline of the technique :
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is spoken of by some professors as being a very easy manipu-
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the latest rival of quinine. It has been suggested as a
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culosis and a chronic inflammatory condition is not easy, and it is important
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of my experiences with antipyrine as a styptic in surgical
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germs reach the mouth. But there is no doubt about certain cbomn-
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viousl.v alluded to, that trained treated cases
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The appropriate dose of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole
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and the general condition. Undue exertion of the affected muscles is to
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drastic, too strenuous, try the next best substitute, and a most
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