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Reaction was soon established and the fracture was re-

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HUtTering from lividity and eoldnens in liie right hand and the

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and where the law of routine will not apply. What shall he do?

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upon the posterior extremity of the first* frontal convolution, is a

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wquabiliter justo minor, but it is had recourse to also in the rickety and

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the child in the erect posture she could stand squarely on the soles of her

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predicted, in a verdict of " Not guilty " on the ground of in-

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Dr. Crocker and others have pointed out that these bad effects of

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that an accoucheur is every now and then called upon to

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proves valuable should be discontinued for a time — perhaps two

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quent pushing up and crowding back of the intestines and other organs,

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Dr. J. F. Lockhard, Mt. St,9vling, died recently from heart

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glimpses of a correct philosophy as applied to physiology. A truly

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during that time. Thus under the most favorable condi-

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reduces the disease to its pathological expression. P'or instance, in

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fluid should be aspirated under the strictest aseptic precau-

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to the left ; in 1 to the right ; in 2 there were independent movements

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cases the liniment first acts as a derivative of blood and nervous

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lower jaw project i)ey(ind tiic upper. Other more re-

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ternal angle are both deficient. In the last two types the

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for a number of months. The maximum duration of protection can

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invading the post-central cortex was found, and a small piece incised. 2nd stage : The tumour

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of lust. The diasatyrion consisted of the testicles

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Amesse, J. W., assistant surgeon, upon being relieved from duty at

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tenderness on pressure may be present, and in some cases a palpable

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cases of sudden death in children, and on a study of the literature of the

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habit of telling my patients of the existence of can-

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