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general surface, but always perfectly defined from the adjacent tissue.

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The swelling of the legs still continues. It goes down during

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Algeria, Morocco, and Senegambia. In Europe it is rarely met

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conference when upon the request of five of these boards

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servation from disease. By John Lawrence, author of

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contain a limited proportion of soda salts, as Gumigel*

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pulsion of food is governed partly by the amount and character of the

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well contacts who have given two succes- contained well-stained Nissl granules, which

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other cases. Chicago M. Recorder, 1897, xiii. 469-473. —

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insure the man who has not had syphilis against getting it after he has

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with this sphere of work, we are now able to understand and relieve

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cessful, delivering her of a still-born babe at 3 p.m. She rallied

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occurrence of false joints, and numerous clinical histories

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lesions, normal urine, or that containing but traces of indican, was found in

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United States has adopted the system of competitive examina-

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