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has been recorded in the words solidisra, humeralisra, vitalism, cheraicisra ;
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own country, to denote vulgarly a fit or paroxysm. Its most common
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force to all who are familiar with the history of infectious diseases. How
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character and language. It is a gentle breezy sound,
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to be on the alert, in fear of a mistake;" and is desirous of " impress-
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firmatory. The only unquestionable method of diagnosis is provided by a
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generalized statements applicable to several diseases and of no
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Stimulants, on the administration of. By Lionel S. Beale, F.R.S 110
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Eoosevelt and Dr. Thomson as to the real utility of the germi-
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after the injection ; but the next morning the same pro-
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quired, which was attached and cancelled. The College
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and attached to the uterus, which was the tumor I had felt. I will state
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condition subsequently improved, the upward movements of the eyes being in-
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" I have concluded I will be just what I make myself .<"
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Dr. Fearnsides asked for an explanation of Hoffmann's sign.
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upon recognition of the underlying constitutional condition or
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him. He was first sent to a private school at York, where he learned
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pecially the cocii wine, which is extremely useful iu
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accoucheur. Notw ithstandiiif; increa.-'ed skill in the (liap;iu)sis of fietal
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and may be relatively very different from the bulk or weight, being
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blood has been experimentally studied upon animals. The injection of gly-
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1864. On the 10th of February in that year, she was seized with the pains
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also the tendency to the other, although not often in the same individual.
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caution may be quite obscure, or perhaps entirely un-
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greater, in the blood passing through the vessels of the posterior extremity.
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in your valuable Journal. He accordingly ordered an ointment consisting of
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had been introduced into the rectum. In neither of these cases did digitalis have
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tion. A dislocated kidney, a migrating spleen, a bunch of enlarged
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sils, and this led me to examine his throat, and there
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Autopsy, by John L. Heffron, Syracuse ; The Changes
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analyses of ventricular fluid from two cases of posterior-basic meningitis
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ever closely it might be allied to the one in hand. They
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sural bundles running in various directions : transversely, con-