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the present state of our knowledge on the mode of pro-

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England " enriched with the spoils of the enemy." Firmly " relying

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The example first presented at the meeting of the Association in Bos-

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give a history of repeated acute attacks ; or there

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These merozoites are the forms by which the parasite raultiphes

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ducts, such as pus, tubercle, cancer, and the like, when in process

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last child was born January 24, 1857, and ^London, in the beginning of March of that

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as the most sacred of all. The product of the two latter factors

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The different consistence of diflferent portions of the tumour gave

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essay on the action of j)utrefying substances in the animal organism was

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suet, 8 oz currants, I oz. citron peel, I oz. orange peel, a little sugar

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silver was poured into a glass ; one end of a clean glass rod

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such legislation as will secure to our officers and soldiers the efficient

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required to achieve further improvement must be considered. In

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Iodoform and injections of Carbolic Acid or Nitrate of Silver. A

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but we still meet with it notwithstanding the strict precautionary meas-

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and indeed it did not till about the 30th day return to

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stated, the mass may be one temperature on the outside and an-

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spot tinged somewhat bluish, in which fluctuation was manifest.

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tributed, on regions covered by the clothing. Most patients are

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without moistening, the menstruum is usually different, and a spe-

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In the neighboring village of Lustnau these intervals were noted :

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and permanent. He can now see to read 3 he can also bear the light of noon-

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of the Faculty to this day close with the words, " the poor were

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and an increasing quantity of the stimulus becomes necessary, or it must

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there was considerable gain in our ranks this year. Then we numbered

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Much of the anatomy is a useless burden on the already

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which he has kindly placed the notes at my disposal.

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porting treatment by drugs, food, stimulants, and strict inertia,

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whom the law is bound to sweep out of the community, in spite

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A Weekly Journal Owned and Published by The Philadelphia Medical Publishing Company and Conducted

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urgent in fracture with displacement simultaneously, and if

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without the least benefit to science nor to humanitv, I make a single exception

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A crucial incision was made in the dura and an area of sclerosis

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Dr. C. Drtsdale said it appeared that the affection

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passing on the legal aspects of the sterilization either

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Dr. Morris : Having had no experience with this remedv, I know

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to be metastatic, but due rather to attempts on the part of the subserous

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blow received two months prior to the operation. Be-

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I was carrying another gentleman, two years older, through

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thoroughly. This cordial contains no Opium and is often valuable

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Belladonna likewise acts upon the local mechanism^ causing a

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gies of the eve and of its ]iaits in the iuverteluatii. I'roo.

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congestion" (Stauungsnagel) . It consists in the formation of a longi-

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one of my cxcurfions I was introduced to a middle aged woman,

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