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normal, but the abdominal reflexes were not elicitable.
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pital Medical College, New York. Herter Lectureship Foundation.
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scar at first is deep; the edges are sharply defined; the floor flat, and deep
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young biliary passages, and an increase in connective tissue.
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clothing, with the very liberal supplies of lemons and other comforts
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This is the special case in which cx)mpression on Dr.
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that a man should have a well-marked gouty paroxysm to
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Grounds, Owing to a very general and enthusiastic observance of
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many of the objections now made against a removal to
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Dr. Samuel Cameron, Dr. A. N. McLellan, and Dr. James H.
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late, until it runs through clear, and when all the liquid has passed,
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"This emotional redness quickly diminishes in intensity, then
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23. TJretero-Intestinal Anastomosis. — ^The conclusions of
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water, as well as the inhalation of gaseous oxygen, pro 'uces no re-
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condition. Aspiration should not be used for treatment in such cases.
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danger, and the boiling of milk for ever so short an interval is thought to
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that will have to be marked with a white stone. He, therefore,
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and up-to-date and is bound to supersede any other work on the same
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ing arthritis is not to be undertaken without care. One may
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life ; from diseases of the brain, or of the body affecting the brain, and because
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could not remain uiion a sofa without being guarded
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He added that Healtli Days — and the Health Councils
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soft and small. Peyer's glands are large, about twenty in
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tenderly, as evincing a misguided but unmistakable tendency
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its subsidence. I shall, however, discuss the results obtained then by
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age is held in the larynx solely by contraction of the vocal
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cause. ^ Bottcher's view, that gastric ulcer is of mycotic origin and produced
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properly, may be curfed, if they are curable at all.