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ing disposition or treatment of any drug case without

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substances, which producing by their inhalation an immediate

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loose, and proceeded to dispute possession of his old quarters with Sivyer.

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The Comralescence. — ^The greatest injury to patients at this period comes

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over backwards. 3.57. — Is convulsed ; falls over, cannot stand ;

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Humanistic Studies in Medicine, Department of Community Medi-

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If your dispensing Druggist has none, we will send you either of above by

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thermometer indicated 39^.55 C. 103^.2 F. During the last ten minutes of life the ther-

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2, 43; II. Absorption of Various Alkaloids, Antiseptics, Local Anesthetics and

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Southern Medical Reports. — We announce to our readers that this

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termittent attacks of nausea, with alternations of un-

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on right side below the level of third rib ; impaired (recognised

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