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alone prevent us from confounding a very treacherous and fatal
tent, such as I have found in the brain, did not appear. Mitch-
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after mentioning their various effects upon the viscera as well
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elements the cone is extended, whereas the rod is so retracted
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Palliative measures of treatment only are indicated.
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The consideration of these phenomena does not come within the scope of
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manifested only at night. In the daytime the mental faculties are gene-
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regularly, and it is to this curious phenomenon that the memoir of
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age. Based on the totals of the four areas given in table 5. The dots show the
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Howard Ayers. Vertebrate cephalogenesis. IV. Tmasformation of the anterior end
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tion being arterial thrombosis. Gangrene, and troublesome ulcers, are
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hours, caused the cones of the frog to assume a position inter-
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work, embedded in a homogeneous substance, and in the other
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it is probably of nervous nature, because he believed to have
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through the second turn of the cochlea. Kitten 11 days after birth. Osmic
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end of the superior colliculus (corpora quadrigemina), and in
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non-protein substances injected into the circulation. For in-
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lows contraction at the pulmonic orifice, and this is not a frequent lesion.
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trouble being so frequently caused by the breasts, after delivery,
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Professor IMviller on the Structure of Bone. — The celebrated
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not abrupt or sudden, but there is a period of access, or a forming stage.
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TpOTHERGlLL {J. MILNER), M.D. Edw., M.R.C.P. Lnvd.,
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of this combination, in certain cases, has an obvious bearing on the
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Transplantation of the Skin of the Scrotum over an Open-
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Paralysis of either of the nerves of special sense, viz., the olfactor}^, the
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nutrition. The nutrition of the body may be well maintained, and patients
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Measures of treatment, in the first period, are those indicated b}^ the
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as to render it. so far a» it goe.s, entirely trustworthy.
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grees of progress are presented in the series above the ca'cum. It is some-
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Marjolin, Lisfranc, iVmussat, Jul. Cloquet, Majendie, Biolt, Bouil-
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shown by the thermometer in the axilla, according to the observations of
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them. Properly considered, they simply coexist with the h3"sterical con-
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Inhalation of a little of the vapor of chloroform is sometimes an etllcient
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to see, in consultation with my friend. Dr. Pride, a girl aged eighteen,
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enlargement of the organ as determined by physical examination, and the
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ingl}^ exquisitely painful, and ushered in by a cry more or less loud.
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For comparable quantitative results this correction is neces-
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The febnle movement is not diminished, but, as a rule, increased after