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non-gaseous subphrenic abscesses at St. George's Hospital, 2 were

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without physician or*^ nurse." " On that sad day," says Dr. Olark, " the

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that it was clearly a case of ascites : and it only remained to

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fusion the white corpuscles are increased in number, and in

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January, 1902, for a persistent, irritative cough which had per-

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nearly cured. He had also cured a case of lupus witli

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Into a strong high frame is made a lighter four-sided

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■rection by which it entered, or in the point to which it tends : in tlie first case it

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Hoy. Med. and Chir. Soc. 1841. — 4. Shuttleworth. Mentally deficient Children. 2nd ed.

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One in a boy three years old, was described by Dr Wilks in a paper in the

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into the typesetters' hands. We are often constrained to decline

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his nei-ves, no doubt, gives even his voice an unnatural

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chus, or rattle, throughout both lungs; thorax resonant; pulse frequent;

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lopment acquired by the child, from too long a postponement of the arti-

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of progress in a given line of effort. Some of these

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can be done along this line as in the prevention of diphtheria. The

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so. Notwithstanding all efforts, the final distillate retains a

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tion for removal of the testicle was followed by permanent dis-

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the external auditory meatus are supplied by the auricularis vagi.

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the disease. Paralysis soon develops, and may become more

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and physiological chemistry, and in addition either elementary physical chemistry or

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Subacute pharyngitis, not becoming chronic, is very common, and is gen-

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tinder an equal obligation to secrecy in regard to the person to whom tJie