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Carnitor Sf Liquid

associated with paralysis of the palate, which may be unilateral or
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glistening leaflets which melt at 158-60° to a yellow liquid, with pre-
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than females. In early childhood the sexes suft'er alike : in late childhood
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blood vessels were supplied with vaso-constrictors and
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of psychiatry to the family physician in assisting him in recognizing condi-
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usual treatment of fever was by hydrochloric acid alone, without food. Fifteen
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Dog — On various Chemical Phenomena. — On Ovarian Disease.
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Intestinal Sand. — Occasionally gritty, sand-like material is discharged
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acid, i. e. sodium urate. He was unable to observe the
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is this : that when medical men, and especially me-
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anatomists referred to have demonstrated that the lesions of the jjeri-
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puscles deprived of their colouring-matter, but they appeared to be
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evening. Advice Gratis. Urgent cases, accidents, or
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In 1806, a law was passed to incorpcrate medical sode^
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should also be instructed that it must be put on tight
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purify the atmosphere ; mitigating or arresting the spread of fever.
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mother to me suffering exquisite pain in right ear, which had been growing
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ferent course. In the vicinity of the peritonitis the percussion gradu-
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IN previous biographies I have written brief notices of some of
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different parts of their district, so that they may know
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carbolic acid. **In febrile conditions its administration produces a rapid
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not requiring more than two parts at the boiling point,
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pipes; No. 1:4666; March 19, 1872.— Banziger (H. S.)
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15th. One Boston University graduate, Orpha D. Baldwin,
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the same filthy apartments, are not washed from one
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According to Besnier (2) the main pathological condition of the prurigos