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in the various text-books, and, by reason of their grave and unmistakable

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man) could say against pepsin is, it is not worth anything ! He had a right to say

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cussion. I must say that I do not dare to rely so fully on entire

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inverse of those present in the abdomen. In other words, he seems to

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one person to another in a great variety of ways ; most common among

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But, inasmuch as that impression of mercury, or salivation,

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because of the general acceptation of the so-called

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The author had seen six cases in which the attacks had

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every man's case, of course, but it certainly is reasonably

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large, that I have not dared to waste time in resorting to internal means,

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late for the present number. We rejoice that the melancholy effects of thisyi-

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that It will also be introduced across the frontier between that lake

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had not elapsed to speak of the permanency of the result, it

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that the bite caused the dance frenzy. Chorea saltatoria, or taran-

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The President, Dr. John O. Roe, of Rochester, in the Chair.

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ished in a few months of a phthisis florida, a ** galloping oonsumptioii,''

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save as a last resort in those very rare instances when the other

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to vary between twenty and forty per cent., the majority being in the

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of the characters and specialties of morbid structure in this disease, as shown

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with the exception of one case which occurred in the

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penis. His eyes were insensible to light, but there was no marked

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becomes similarly affected ; it may contain numerous sub-

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its formation is the deposition of a finely granular material in the

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college. Whilst there awaiting her confinement, the opportunity was embraced

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part of the body, but in which there are at no period any symptoms of blood-

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in its pages, for in many places they do not run harmoniously with the

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s>nnptomatology of the pulmonary affection has been overlaid with an

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Is due to many causes, and like colic and constipation,

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very rare instances, the serous exudates are sterile,

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Known values of rotation angles are also pre-defined to move the phantom head with a